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Walliglu fever symtoms detector

22 Settembre 2017

A test to detect if you are experiencing WALLIGLU fever.

Please answer these questions:

  1. Do you feel tight in a “running-out-of-space” kitchen?
  2. Can’t find a space for an extra cabinet?
  3. Does your menu need more selection of fresh foods, salads, cold dishes?
  4. Do you like minimal design?
  5. Do you need extra chilled storage space for GN 1/1 containers and pans?
  6. Do you like “stretching” while taking food from your upper cabinet?


If you answered “YES” to two or more questions of the above test, this is a clear sign of WALLIGLU FEVER and accordingly you should contact an IGLU sales officer or you should directly order a Walliglu.

Available in many models, Walliglu is always a good choice for tight spaces. Check out the models here