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Holistic approach in Spa Resorts

22 Settembre 2017
Photo property of Ritter von kempski privathotels naturresort schindelbruch südharz stolberg.jpg
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Space, nature, silence and service attentive to every detail are key elements of a great spa resort and this perfectly applies to Naturresort Schindelbruch, located in Southern Harz, Germany.

Known as the first climate-neutral hotel in Central Germany, the spa resort offers an impressive list of body care programs and excursion activities.

Further proof of the great service and holistic approach is the Vinoteque: a dedicated room where guests can enjoy the fine wines selected by the resident sommelier. The wines are showcased in several temperature controlled Mirabilia Bespoke units put together to form a corner more than 3 meters long on each side.

These mirror-polished stainless steel units, combined with natural wood elements, all illuminated by correctly set led lights, make the Vinoteque

an harmonious environment, perfectly in line with the Naturresort philosophy, were the sommelier can guide the guests trough stimulating tasting sessions.