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3 cose che non conoscete dei nostri tavoli Undercounter

30 Giugno 2017
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Tavoli compatti Undercounter : la soluzione perfetta per ambienti con spazi ristretti che richiedono ingredientim, bevande e cibi conservati perfettamente!


1. E' eco-friendly

Even entry-level models and products manufactured by Iglu have been efficiently designed and developed, guaranteeing a remarkable quality product while respecting the environment: tested and documented in class A (hydrocarbon versions R290, in any combination of refrigerated drawers and doors), they represent the perfect ecological choice.


2. Si adatta ad ogni ambiente

The range includes many models and options: 2 different depth (650 mm, 775 mm), 1 door or 2 doors, refrigerator or freezer, with glass or plain door, with drawers, is available also with standard refrigerant, Hydrocarbons R290 (integral) or CO2 (remote), with worktop or recessed.

Thanks to its design finely outlined and due to its frontal louvres ventilation, it can be happily used also in front of house environment, particularly with a special finish such as Oddiglu.


3. E' conveniente
Being one of the most aggressively priced lines, the Undercounter units are less expensive than the other gastronorm counter lines, while still guarantying high energy efficiency, that means double savings!